How to choose the right seal system?

Seal systems

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Different seal bar configurations available

Storabis seal systems

The right seal solution protects products efficiently against external elements. Storabis offers several seal systems for your specific application. This depends on the type of vacuum bag, thickness of the bag, the desired seal and other requirements. Learn how to choose the right seal for your vacuum packages.

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Convex seal wires

Standard Double seal

Storabis works with convex seal wires for its Double seal and Cut-off seal. This ensures residue being pressed out from between the foils of the bag during the seal process and decreases the risk of leakage. Furthermore, convex seal wires empower a strong seal resistance thanks to the easy separation of the residue. Double seal is the Storabis standard. It consists of two 0.14" convex seal wires.

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Cut-off seal

Cut-off seal consists of one 0.14" convex seal wire and one 0.04" round cutting wire to easily tear off the residual plastic.

For a professional and hygienic result.


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Wide seal

Certain types of vacuum bags have been pre-sealed on 3 sides. For a professional result, the seal on the remaining side equals the width of the other 3 pre-seals. The main advantage of a Wide seal of 0.3" inch for the table-top models and the Marlin and 0.39" for the Polar models, is the aesthetic, professional result.

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