Polar 2-75

Industrial model with a 6,709 cf/h pump

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Technical specifications

Polar 2-75

Transparent model available for demo use

Chamber dimensions (L x W x H):
29.5" x 24.4" x 9.8"
Machine dimensions (L x W x H):
47.4” x 58.4” x 52.8”
Seal bars (L):
2 x 24.4"
Pump capacity:
6,709 cf/h (190 m³/h)
Machine cycle:
15-40 sec


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Tech specs

For all available options, download the tech specs of the Polar 2-75


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Benefits Polar 2-75

Durability. Efficiency. Quality.

Rock solid double chamber vacuum sealer, standard equipped with Gas flush and CombiVac technology, including Sensor control and our Jar function to vacuum seal mason jars.

  • Standard Sensor control
  • Standard with 20 program memory
  • Compatible with label printer
  • 4.7" LCD screen
  • HACCP compliance
  • USB connection
  • Standard Soft Air
  • Flat working plate
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In full perspective

Transparent Polar 2-75

Options and accessories

Customize your Polar 2-75


Including Jars function


Seal systems

For maximum protection


Gas flush

Modified Atmosphere Packaging


Seal bar configurations

Double or triple your capacity


Liquid control

For vacuum sealing liquids