How to control the cycle?

Storabis control systems

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By percentage or boiling point

Control the packaging cycle

Control of the vacuum packaging cycle is crucial to obtain an optimal and deep end vacuum. Storabis technology enables you to control the vacuum packaging cycle in different ways: by a sensor that detects the pre-set percentage of end vacuum and by a liquid sensor that detects the damp that evaporates when liquids start to boil.

In percentage (%)

Sensor control

Sensor control is standard on all Storabis machines. The sensor detects a certain level of end vacuum in the chamber. With Sensor control, the machine automatically stops extracting air as soon as the pre-set vacuum percentage has been detected, for a fast and exact vacuum cyle.

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Detection of damp

Liquid control

Wet and liquid products quickly reach their boiling point during the vacuum packaging cycle. Reducing the container pressure below atmospheric pressure, causes fluids to boil at room temperature and cooks products when cold. The colder the liquid, the deeper the final vacuum. The Liquid control sensor detects the evaporation of the liquid product. The machine stops extracting the air and goes to the next step to prevent damage on product and machine. Liquid control is available as an option on all Storabis machines.

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