Store in jars

Vacuum seal your flower and store in jars, without gas flush.

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Produce improvement and shelf life extension

Vacuum sealing jars

Storabis and OutCo, the cannabis company, have joined forces to further explore the possibilities to store cannabis in order to both improve the quality and extend the shelf life of the produce.

Main conclusion: vacuum sealing cannabis in jars, without Gas flush, has a positive effect on the concentration of both cannabinoids and terpenes.

How to vacuum seal glass jars?
Ecological and economical

How to vacuum seal glass jars?

  • Fill the product to about a couple of millimeters below the top surface of the jar.
  • Tighten the twist lid manually. In case of a glass lid, place the rubber gasket and glass lid without pressing.
  • Place the jar(s) in the vacuum chamber.
  • Use the Jars program on your Combivac panel. The vacuum level must be set to the maximum or use liquid control. Seal time has been automatically switched off on this program.
  • Close the lid to start and check if the jars are completely closed after the cycle has been completed. Metal lids can be checked by the pit and the sound of it. Not all metal lids are suitable for vacuum sealing. There must be material in the rim to be able to hermetically seal the jar.


Cannabinoids and terpenes

Even when you vacuum seal your flower without adding a gas, this has a positive effect on the concentrations and development of cannabinoids and terpenes in the produce. After an initial decrease of both substance categories, the produce cures itself when packed. The more flavor, the better the quality. A major breakthrough when it comes to improving the quality and the shelf life of cannabis.

  • Increased shelf life
  • Preservation of quality
  • Protection of structure
  • Prevention of colouring
Test results
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Vacuum sealers for jars

Storabis recommends

Storabis offers a complete range of vacuum sealers that can be used to vacuum seal jars. Use the special Jars function on your Combivac panel. Our recommendations.

Options and accessories

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Seal and store in Mason jars, only without gas

Vacuum packing cannabis in Mason jars, without adding a gas, extends the shelf life and cures the produce when packed.

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